The PCCM – College Student Government (CSG)

CSG is the highest governing student body of the college, duly organized and elected by the students. The organization is guided by its Constitution and Bylaws. The President of the Student Government sits as a member of the Board of Trustees and officially represents the collective concern of all students and organizations. The College empowers the CSG in all co-curricular activities as umbrella organization coordinating with all other student organizations and the OSA.

The PCCM Student Publication (SCRIBES)

SCRIBES is the Official Student Publication of the College; its mechanism is governed and guided by R.A. 7079 also known as the Campus Journalism Act of 1991, and their Editorial Policy which the publication’s Editorial Board created. Composition of the Scribes Editorial Board and its members undergo through the process of competitive examination. The College Publication promotes student rights of active and responsible campus journalism.

Passion Guided Educators Society (PaGES)

The Passion Guided Educators’ Society (PaGES) is the mother organization of Teacher Education Program which supervises the underlying clubs such as PCCM English Club, Socially Aware Society (SAS), and Society for the Advancement of Mathematics Education (SAME). It envisions to uplift the future educators’ passion, commitment, and love for teaching by emphasizing collaboration, leadership, service, and excellence with every program held in PCCM.

Society of Hospitality And Restaurant Program (SHARP)

SHARP or Society of Hospitality And Restaurant Professionals – the mother organization of Hospitality Management of PCCM

Guided Office Administration League of Students (GOALS)

GOALS or Guided Office Administration League of Students – the mother organization of Office Administration Program of PCCM.

English Club

The PCCM English Club is guided by the burning passion to educate and create a safe space for every PCCMians to learn and appreciate the English language and Literature. Thus, we envision to produce individuals who has love for literature and who believes in the power and value of the English language.

Society for the Advancement of Mathematics Education (SAME)

The Society for the Advancement of Mathematics Education (SAME) aims to enhance the mathematical skills among math majors; develop the camaraderie among math majors; and to prepare all the math majors in the field that they are dealing with.

KApisanan ng mga MAg-aaral sa LArangan ng Agham Panlipunan para sa BaYAN (KAMALAYAN)

Formerly named Socially Aware Society (SoAS),  KApisanan ng mga MAg-aaral sa LArangan ng Agham Panlipunan para sa BaYAN (KAMALAYAN) signify the importance of the Social Studies curriculum and the role it plays in a student’s life as it helps students develop an ability to think critically about societal issues and learn how to address them based on social values and disciplines. It also recognizes the challenges and the need to have a balanced and peaceful co-existence in the community and empower the students’ transformative-holistic development through active involvement in various activities in the community.


Nilalayon ng Organisyong Pangunahing Lupon ng mga Mag-aaral sa Filipino (PLUMAFIL) na palawigin ang kakayahan at kaalaman ng bawat mag-aaral sa sariling kultura at wika.


ARTmosphere is an organization at the Polytechnic College of the City of Meycauayan (PCCM), the purpose of this organization is to give color, to add vibrance and complement beauty in the institution, as well as promoting ideas and imparting knowledge for the development of artistic skills and talents of PCCM student.

Eye Shot Photography

Eye Shot aims to apply the basic knowledge in photography and develop the photography skills of the students using mobile phone and professional cameras; and show the beauty of surroundings and nature using creative shots.

Glee Club

The PCCM Glee Club aims to enhance the potentials of the students’ talent in music, produce highly competent performers, and develop self-confidence, boost self-esteem, and overcome stage fright.


The PCCM P-style as one of the accredited organizations of PCCM aims to hone and produce dancers who will embrace the roots of different genres and styles as well as a supportive environment for their performances.


Talitha Kumi Catholic Community is a school Organization of Polytechnic College of the City of Meycauayan. It has an aim of educating our Catholic youth on our faith formation. We envision to produce devoted Catholics not only by domination classification but also in action and in their way of living.

Christian Brotherhood International (CBI)

The Christian Brotherhood International is a non-stock, nonprofit religious association under the auspices of the Iglesia ni Cristo’s BUKLOD-KADIWA-BINHI organizations for the purposes of promoting harmonious relations among students and guiding them towards the attainment of intellectual excellence of biblical doctrines which govern men in their daily undertakings.

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry aims to develop and enhance Christian values among the PCCM students; provide adequate programs and activities for the spiritual moral, and emotional growth of its members; serve as training ground preparing its members for leadership position within the church, society, and nation as a whole; and maintain an open and strong relationship with its mother organization.

PCCM Sports Club

PCCM Sports Club is a student organization that promote and enhance interest on a particular sport or activity. It is dedicated in instilling good sporting habits among students. It aids in the development of teamwork and coordination at work, as well as instilling discipline and necessary individual value system. Apart from communication, cooperation, and teamwork, the primary learning aspects are the value of time, precision, and competitiveness.

PCCM Community Extension Volunteers

PCCM Community Extension Office provides services to the Meycauayan community with integrity and excellence for the benefit of the public and institutions through volunteer work for social transformation.

It is the college voluntary arm that involves all academic and non-academic staff in an effort to satisfy its corporate social responsibility. The college channels its social and community outreach programs to every program (TEP, ETP and HMP) through community coordination.

Volunteer faculty members serve in the community on various occasions as lecturers and facilitators of the program on literacy, environmental and sanitation, health, and nutrition, as well as livelihood concerns.