Photo from Ms. April Grace B. Maaño

Snacks – check!

Pen – check!

Paper – check!

Phone charge – 100%!

Now, on to the tour! Let’s go!

On a pleasant day, May 30, 2023, PCCM Teacher Education Program embarked on its inaugural Off-Campus Experiential Learning Tour. The travel time from Meycauayan City to Pinto Art Museum, our first destination, lasted for 2 hours. But thanks to our amazing travel guides, the travel itself became a part of our tour already! We were informed of the different landmarks that we encountered en route and their rich historical significance.

Picture taken at Pinto Art Museum

Pinto Art Museum was nestled in the Sierra Madre St. Grand Heights Subdivision, Antipolo, Rizal which was established by Dr. Joven Cuanang, a neurologist and local art collector. As we stepped through its doors, our souls and minds transcended, immersing us in a diverse array of cultural perspectives. The contemporary artworks by underrated local and youth artists vividly portrayed the socio-political reality of the Philippines. Pinto Art Museum felt like a sanctuary, housing the exquisite beauty of native masterpieces.

Next, we ventured to Art in Island, the largest mixed media museum in the Philippines, brought to life by South Korean artist Yun Jae Kyoung and other talented visual artists. Located in Cubao, Quezon City, this interactive art exhibition seamlessly integrated technology into its displays. We were treated to a visual feast of true-to-life 3D paintings, captivating animated projections, and unique digital displays. These awe-inspiring creations, crafted by master artists, provided the perfect backdrop for our photo-taking endeavors. What made Art in Island truly exceptional was the opportunity for each visitor to become part of an extraordinary work of art by unleashing their creativity through playful poses and camera projections. It was a captivating experience that left us spellbound.

Picture taken at UP-Diliman

Our final stop on this artistic odyssey was the prestigious University of the Philippines – Diliman. As we explored a part of the 493-hectare campus, PCCMians and UPD students joyfully interacted. Scattered across the grounds, we encountered different installation artworks generously donated by alumni. Afterward, we visited the esteemed Jorge B. Vargas Museum and Filipiniana Research Center, which proudly showcased an extensive collection of modern Filipino artworks, as well as the personal milestones and collections of Jorge B. Vargas himself.

This extraordinary event was meticulously planned as part of the Art Appreciation subject for all second-year TEP students at PCCM. Ms. April Grace Maaño, the passionate Art Appreciation Instructor, spearheaded this immersive tour, devoting her time and energy to ensure its success. This was supported by dedicated advisers and instructors such as Mr. Joshua SF. Alaba, Ms. Rose Ann Borja, Ms. Jasmin Ragel, Ms. Marjorie Malveda, Ms. Angela Kurt Cabe, and Mr. Daniel delos Reyes while our School Nurse, Ms. Marie Hazel Castro secured everyone’s safety. The TEP Head, Prof. Frederick L. Berboso, OSA Director Dr. Ma. Paz G. Contreras, and above all College Dean and OIC Dr. Reneliza C. Sta. Ana provided guidance and support.

Collaborating with Ibuzz Travel and Tours, the tour organizers meticulously planned the itinerary, taking us to various attractions and sites. They ensured that no experience would be missed, allowing us to create cherished memories while gaining valuable knowledge.

In unison, our journey was a delight. Despite the constraints of time, we absorbed profound lessons that resonated with our souls and minds. Hidden messages and narratives behind each artwork allowed us to develop a holistic view of the world and appreciate its beauty through our senses, nurturing our individuality. This tour played a vital role in cultivating a deep connection to the countless masterpieces created by brilliant artists, who skillfully communicate and aesthetically inspire. We, the students, are grateful for the privilege of being part of the TEP’s first-ever off-campus tour. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who made this exceptional experience possible.

Written by: Liezl Anne Delara and Rhia Joyce Rulloda, BSE SS-2B