The Teacher Education Program (TEP) of the Polytechnic College of the City of Meycauayan held its TEP Week Celebration from September 26-29, 2023; with the theme “Igniting Excellence, Educators Soaring as Phoenixes”.

The 4-day event showcased the various talents and skills of the Bachelor of Secondary Education students across all majorships, as they engaged in activities such as Cheerdance Competition, Battle of the HOTS and Jeopardy Quiz Bee, Board Mural and Flag-making contests, as well as Microteaching and Spoken Poetry, among many others. Students had great fun participating in these events that tested their knowledge, abilities, and acumen, along with teamwork.

The TEP Week celebration was made possible with the support of the TEP faculty, the advisers and officers of student organizations (PaGES, SAGE, SAME, KAMALAYAN, PLUMAFIL, P-Style), and the Bachelor of Secondary Education students from all majorships.