by Ms. Priscila Mae Balangue

OCTOBER 11-12, 2023 – Mr. Christian Andrew Libunao, one of the instructors in Hospitality Management Program, held a mini pageant for all first-year students as part of their Midterm Project in GE1 Purposive Communication and first-hand screening of first-year HMP candidates for Mr. and Ms. PCCM. 

Since the Society of Hotel and Restaurant Professionals (SHARP) is looking for candidates for Mr. and Ms. PCCM, Mr. Libunao integrated this activity for the upcoming 20th Founding Anniversary of Polytechnic College of the City of Meycauayan. 

A mini pageant like this is considered as an authentic assessment. According to University of Illinois Chicago, authentic assessments create a student-centered learning experience by providing students opportunities to problem-solve, inquire, and create new knowledge and meaning. As future staff and people of the hospitality industry, the students learned through this activity their lesson on communication and globalization in a multicultural setting. During the pageant, the students were judged based on the following criteria: Professional Attire (40 points), Question and Answer (30 points), Poise and Walk (20 points), and Audience Impact (10 points) with a total of 100 points. The judges were Ms. Priscila Mae Balangue, adviser of BSHM 1C, Mr. Kim Nichole Larios, adviser of BSHM 3C, Mrs. Imelda De Guzman, adviser of BSHM 2C, and Ms. Emerlinda Barcelon, adviser of BSHM 1B. 

On the first day of the activity (October 11, Wednesday), BSHM 1A and BSHM 1C are the first two sections to perform. BSHM 1A represented the six countries of Japan, South Korea, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, and China. The top three candidates of BSHM 1A were: Mr. John Martin Pura (South Korea) and Ms. Angelica Tayag (South Korea) as the Title Holders; Mr. Aaron Perez (Philippines) and Ms. Angel Tagarino (Philippines) as 1st Runners-Up; and Mr. Kenneth Paghubasan (China) and Ms. Cristine Joy Manangan (China) as the 2nd Runners-Up. As for BSHM 1C, they represented the countries of Spain, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Brazil, United States of America, and Egypt. The top three candidates of BSHM 1C were: Mr. Mark Daniel Guttierez (Japan) and Ms. Princess Villaflores (South Korea) as the Title Holders; Mr. Tristan Dave Castillo (Spain) and Ms. Jayjay Villavicencio (Spain) as 1st Runners-Up; and Mr. Adrian Villarica (Thailand) and Ms. EG Adajar (Thailand) as the 2nd Runners-Up. 

On the second day of the activity (October 12, Thursday), BSHM 1B and BSHM 1D are the last two sections to perform. BSHM 1B represented the six countries of Japan, Philippines, China, South Korea, Russia and Spain. The top three candidates for BSHM 1B were: Mr. Paul Christian Misa (Spain) and Ms. Eunice Bongon (Russia) as the Title Holders; Mr. Hans Andrei De Guzman (Russia) and Ms. Dannah Rose Sison (Spain) as 1st Runners-Up; and last but not the least, Mr. Jericho Macuse (China) and Ms. Kyla Mariz Rodriguez (Philippines) as 2nd Runners-up. As for BSHM 1D, they represented the six countries of the Philippines, Japan, South Korea, United States of America, Thailand, and Canada. The top three candidates for BSHM 1D were: Mr. Maximo Francisco (Canada) and Ms. EJ Adajar (Thailand) as the Title Holders; Mr. Archie Yaldua (United States of America) and Ms. Emerald Legaspi (United States of America) as 1st Runners-Up; finally, Mr. Bryle Nicole Borja (Japan) and Ms. Precious Joy Analista (Canada) as the 2nd Runners-Up. 

Not only did the students learn how to properly communicate as representatives in the hospitality industry of different countries, they have also shown their proud identities as Filipinos as they answer the judges’ questions about the hospitality industry and Filipino culture. They also learned how to plan and conduct an event like this by preparing their classrooms with appropriate props, program flow, and honoraria for the judges and participants. Because of the show of their beauty, intelligence, and effort as a section, winners were given incentives on their midterm examination for doing their best on the said project. This motivated the students to give excellence no matter how big or small the tasks are.