The welcome assembly and orientation for freshmen and parents were successfully conducted on August 29, 2023, at the Meycauayan Convention Center. Step into a world of possibilities as the Office of Administration Program (OAP) welcomes its newest members in the most vibrant way possible as the academic year 2023-2024 kicks in. The air is electric with excitement as the College Student Government (CSG) and Guided Office Administration League of Students (GOALS) officers lead the charge in conducting an engaging and spirited cheer, setting the tone for the day ahead. Guiding us through this memorable event is the effervescent host, Ms. Girlie Pagaduan, who keeps us enthralled and engaged.

As the room buzzes with anticipation, the stage comes alive with the captivating melodies of the PCCM Glee Club, gracing us with an intermission performance that truly strikes a chord. However, the journey doesn’t end with entertainment; it’s just the beginning. City Mayor, Atty. Henry R. Villarica blessed the students with his video message sharing his insights, encouragement, and unwavering support for education, which left an indelible mark on their hearts. Delve into the rich tapestry of the PCCM’s history, a narrative woven with dedication, growth, and achievement. The pillars of PCCM—its vision, mission, core values, and transformative K-Card—are illuminated through the insightful presentations by the Passion Guided Educators Society (PaGES), Society of Hotel And Restaurant Professionals (SHARP), and GOALS organizations. These elements are not just words on a screen; they’re the guiding lights that will shape your path in the coming years.

With great honor, the College Dean, Dr. Reneliza C. Sta. Ana extends a warm welcome to the freshmen students. The journey ahead might seem daunting, but her reassuring words remind you that you’re part of a supportive community ready to nurture your growth. The presentation unfolds with Ms. Rio Gol N. Villarico introducing a wide range of student services; the Head of Guidance Office, Dr. Rederick M. Cardenas, underscores the importance of guidance and the resources available for personal and academic growth; Guidance Councilor, Mr. Gian Andrei Guardiano, discusses scholarship opportunities; and OSA Director, Dr. Ma. Paz G. Contreras familiarizes you with campus life’s intricacies and rules; Ms. Rutchell R. Aquino, R.N., highlights health services; NSTP Head, Mr. Joshua SF. Alaba, provides essential reminders, including NSTP responsibilities; Lastly, Mr. Johnny R. Santos covers physical education.

And when it comes to the heart of it all—the Office Administration course itself—Prof. Rose Kathleen G. Delos Santos takes the stage to shed light on what to expect, igniting your curiosity for the academic journey that lies ahead. As the crescendo of the day reached its zenith, the spotlight shone on the mentors, the orchestrators of wisdom—the instructors of the OAP course. With gratitude for their guidance, the stage was set for an academic odyssey that promises growth, insight, and empowerment. May this orientation’s symphony echo in the hearts of all, serving as a compass and a guiding star as students set forth on this promising voyage of education and self-discovery.

Written by: John Carvin Bautista

Photos taken by: Kaila Marie Galamiton

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